Wedding Arrangements in Israel

Wedding Arrangements in Israel with Samson Tours


If you are planning a Wedding in Israel, then you came to the right company. We can handle all of your wedding party's travel arrangements and provide you the perfect tour options for your wedding party before and after the big day.

We've got the best ideas for your family and know how to keep them busy...and keep them out of your hair so you can remain focused before the Wedding and even more at ease as you leave them all behind and head off to your Honeymoon, which we can also arrange for you in Israel, Greece, Turkey or beyond.

A big check for Samson Tours From A to Z. We can arrange anything and everything for your Wedding from arranging group airfares, booking hotels and special venues for your guests, managing a prime location for your Wedding Ceremony, and finding you the perfect relgious leader (rabbi or minister) to conduct your service.
A big check for Samson Tours

Huge savings. In Israel, travel agents actually save you money...even if you are a small group. We normally save our clients at least 5% on their hotel bookings, even if they were to shop around online on their own or buy directly. Piecing together your own tour NEVER pays off in the Middle East.

A big check for Samson Tours

We take the headache out of your planning. You can register your group on our website and our system can handle all of your payments and notifications to members of your group. There’s no extra costs involved. You can set the maximum number of people you want on your tour, the add-ons you’d like to offer and more! Family members can pay securely (through SSL encryption) by credit card, money order or check OR even make payments to a Group Escrow Account, which YOU the tour leader can completely manage.

A big check for Samson Tours Free Services! We can arrange your rabbi, photographers and other services around your tour for free, at no markup and no commission for us. We’ve worked with the best and will be happy to pass on their contact information to you to ensure that your ceremony is a success.
A big check for Samson Tours

The Best All around! We’ll be happy to provide you with references if you need some, but you can check our Feedback, Facebook and other online sources to quickly see that we are the best at what we do.

A big check for Samson Tours

Customized Itineraries. Every Wedding Party has its own dynamic and interests. We’ll work with you one-on-one to build the best itinerary for all of your family members.


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