Jaffa (written: Yafo, Joppa, and Hebrew ???) is one of the first port cities ever built by mankind. The word Jaffa comes from the Hebrew ’yafah’, which can be translated as ’beautiful.’

According to Jewish tradition, Jaffa was founded by Japheth (Genesis 5:32), one of Noah’s sons, after the Great Flood. Another later Greek tradition cites that the city’s name came from the Greek goddess Iopea, the mother of Andromeda, the latter being remembered by Greek tradition as having been tied to a rock in the Mediterranean Sea next to Jaffa by the jealous Poseidon (see Stops: Andromeda’s Rock).

Jaffa is mentioned some 14 times in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. First, we learn that Jaffa came into the tribal inheritance of Dan (Joshua 19:46). Next, we learn that cedars of Lebanon were shipped to Jaffa for building of the First Temple (2 Chronicles 2:16) and its refurbishment under Ezra & Nehemiah (Ezra 3:7). The prophet Jonah boarded a ship at Jaffa (Jonah 1:3) and was subsequently swallowed by a whale.

In the New Testament, however, Jaffa is perhaps most important for the healing of Tabitha and the site of Peter’s vision (Acts 9:36ff). Ultimately, as a result of this vision, precedence comes for the spread of Christianity to non-Jews without their observance to Jewish laws.

In 1947, Jaffa was destined to become part of the Palestinian city. In April of 1948, however, Israel conquered Jaffa in its War of Independence and by December of 1948 would annex Jaffa to the Tel Aviv Municipality.


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The Egyptian Gate of Ramases II at Jaffa

At Jaffa, archaeologists discovered an Egyptian fortress and a monumental gate from the time of Ramases II. Egyptian records recorded in great detail the taking of Jaffa (pronounced in Egyptian as Yapu) from the Canaanites in approximately 1440 BCE by Thutmose III. Thutmose III had cunningly sent…



The Suspended Orange Tree at Jaffa

The artist Ran Morin has created this amazing work of art in Jaffa entitled ’Orange Suspenda.’ The orange tree’s soil and root system are encapsulated by a planter that resembles a seed. The tree is modestly fed by an inconspicuous drip system and continues to grow and put forth…



The Church of Saint Peter in Jaffa

The Church of Saint Peter is considered to be the only church facing west in the Middle…



The Well of Tabitha in Jaffa

Tabitha’s Well or Sabil Abu Nabbut was erected by the governor of Jaffa, Muhammad Abu Nabbut, in 1815 to provide a fresh water source for those setting out on their journey from the port. On each side of the fountain are…