Hamat Tiberias

Hamat Tiberias

Hamat Tiberias (Hamat Teverya) is a national park in Israel, next to the Sea of Galilee, that preserves natural hot springs and archaeological remains from the Talmudic and Turkish periods. The hot springs boil at 60 degrees Celcius. The word "Hamat" means "hot" and its ancient name is mentioned Joshua 19:35 as a southern fortification of the tribe Naphtali. Later Roman Tiberias annexed this ancient city into its walled city.


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Hamam Suleiman

There is an ancient legend that tells of a day when lepers and diseased people approached King Solomon to cure them. Solomon ordered demons to go to the edge of the Sea of Galilee to warm the waters to provide relief for their ailments. Solomon then caused the demons to go deaf so that they would…



The ancient hot springs at Hamat Tiberias

Within the confines of the Hamat Tiberias National Park have been discovered 17 different saline hot springs that boil at around 60 degrees Celcius. Round chimneys have been built in the modern era to allow the steam to escape from…



The Synagogues at Hamat Tiberias

Three synagogues were built successively at this site beginning around 230 CE. Little of this ’destroyed’ synagogue remains but can be see on the southern edge of the 3rd-4th century mosaic. The best preserved synagogue is from the 3rd-4th century and has a fabulous mosaic floor that is divided…



The Roman bathhouse at Hamat Tiberias

Three large stone arches and the bases of several columns remain from the ancient bathhouse, which is located slightly to the southeast of the synagogue. Still today, a hot spring bubbles forth thermal waters from beneath the…



The Mosaic Floor of the Synagogue at Hamat Tiberias

The 3rd-4th century synagogue has an exquisite mosaic floor divided into three main panels. On the northern side, the mosaic has two lions that seem to ’roar’ 9 different Greek inscriptions that refer to its donors. The center of the mosaic has a large zodiac wheel with Helios, the sun…



The modern hot springs at Hamat Tiberias

Water from the ancient hot springs from within the Hamat Tiberias national park are channeled to a modern facility on the edge of the Sea of Galilee where bathers can enjoy the thermal…