Caesarea Philippi - Banias

Caesarea Philippi - Banias

Caesarea Philippi is the traditional setting for Matthew 16:13 where Jesus asks his disciples "Whom do people say that I am?"


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The Cave of Pan

Pan is often depicted as a half-goat and half-man, carrying a flute or even a pitch fork. In Greek mythology, he is both a Shepherd & Forest god and a god revered by soldiers who creates of panic and mesmerizes the enemy with his halucinating flute.As a eunuch, he attracts female sea nymphs. In 20…



The Temple of Augustus at Caesarea Phillipi

Herod the Great built a temple to Augustus (Octavian) at the mouth of the Cave of Pan in 19 BCE. Several niches to this temple are still preserved on its western side, which must have been passed by the worshipers as they approached the ’holy of holies’ located at the cave/spring. For the Greeks,…



The Courtyard of Nemesis

Nemesis was the goddess of vengeance and imperial justice. The proximity of her temple to the cave of Pan shows her importance to the cult of Pan. The courtyard (red and white checkered stones) and niches were carved out of the cliff of Mt. Hermon in 178 CE. Above the niche is an inscription: "For…



The Temple of the Sacred Goats

The Temple of the Sacred Goats was built in 230 CE in the age of Emperor Elegabalos. Over a thousand goat skeletons were discovered in the recesses…