Beit Shean National Park

Beit Shean National Park

Beit Shean National Park is one of the largest archaeological excavations carried out in modern-day Israel. In biblical times, it was known as Beit Shean (1 Samuel 31), but it was later renamed Scythopolis by the Greco-Romans who began to inhabit the site in the 1st Century BCE. The term Decapolis which is used in the New Testament refers to the 10 free cities set up by General Pompeii in the first century BCE. Beth Shean was considered to be the capital of this Decapolis.


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The Decumanus of Scythopolis

The Decumanus is the West-East street that leads to the tel of Beth Shean. The street is made of well-chiseled basalt stones that were slanted to allow drainage into gutters that ran beneath the…



The Cardo of Scythopolis

At the intersection of the decumanus and the cardo, you will see evidence for the 749 CE earthquake that ravaged Beth…