The Well of Tabitha in Jaffa

Tabitha’s Well or Sabil Abu Nabbut was erected by the governor of Jaffa, Muhammad Abu Nabbut, in 1815 to provide a fresh water source for those setting out on their journey from the port. On each side of the fountain are tombs.


In the 1870’s, Clermont Gennau wrote of a certain mason named Ali Sida "This man, now of advanced age, directed all the works that were set on foot at the beginning of the century by the legendary Abu Nabbut, Governor of Jaffa, the same that gave his name to the pretty fountain, or Sebil Abu Nabbut..."



Petersen, Andrew (2002): A Gazetteer of Buildings in Muslim Palestine: Volume I (British Academy Monographs in Archaeology) p.170-2

Beautiful Marble Facing Decorating the Well of Tabitha
Image Credit: Colman Lerner Gerardo

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