The Prayer

This prayer was written by M. Basilea Schlink and produced in the site's pamphlet.

"King of Kings and Lord of lords, who descended from heaven, we thank You for choosing wretched fishermen to be Your disciples. We thank you for the humble love with which You prepared them before sending them out. You taught them to trust Your word and to act upon seemingly meaningless commands in obedience as Peter did when he let down his nets in the middle of the lake in broad daylight wand then experienced Your power and glory.

Dear Lord Jesus, I also long to taste Your power and glory in my life. Therefore, at this site I dedicate myself to You with the words once uttered here by Your disciple Peter. At Your word I will do as You bid, even if it actually seems too difficult or impossible to carry out. I trust You and thank You in advance for responding to such faith today too with the revelation of Your power and glory and with Your aid and miracles.

But I pray that You will also hear my second request, for I know that You rejoice when much is asked of You. In beholding Your glory and majesty, let me, like Peter, recognize what I am like in your sight -- an abyss of sin. Grant me a deep repentance, that I may love You with a great and fervent love. As a gift of Your grace grant me here at Simon Peter's Landing Place my share of faith, obedience, repentance and love just as You bestowed them upon Peter.


Image Credit: Samson Tours

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