The Madrasa of Saladin at the Church of Saint Anne

When Jerusalem fell to Saladin in the year 1187, the Church of Saint Anne was converted into a Muslim school (madrasa). The inscription above the main doorway tells it all:
"In the name of God, Clement and Merciful. Whatever you possess comes from Him. This blessed madrasa, as a religious endowment, was bestowed by our victorious king and master, Salah-ad-Dunia and ad-Din, Sultan of Islam and of Muslims, Abu al-Musaffar, Yusuf bin Ayyub, bin Shadhi, who revived the state of the Commander of the Believers. May God bless his victories and bestow upon him an abundance of goods in this world and the next. This school was founded for the Jurists of the rite of Imam Abu Abdallah, Muhammad ibn Idris Shafi’i, may God be pleased with him, in the year 588.

The Madrasa Inscription at St. Anne’s
Image Credit: Samson Tours

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