The Church of Saint Gabriel in Nazareth

The Church of St. Gabriel or the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation is located on the northern end of ancient Nazareth, approximately 150 meters from Mary’s Well. This is the place where it is believed the ancient Gabriel appeared to Mary and as purported in the early Christian text: the Protoevangelicum of St. James. The crypt of the church was built already in 326 CE during the age of Emperor Constantine. It was destroyed in 614 CE by the Persians, but was rebuilt between 1103-1109 CE. The church was destroyed again in 1263 CE and rebuilt in 1634. The present church was built in 1750 and has ruins that date back to the Crusader period. The church’s wooden iconostasis was built in 1767 by a Greek merchant and was repainted by the Romanian artists, Michel and Gabriel Marosan.

Greek Orthodox Nazarerth Crypt
Image Credit: Samson Tours
Greek Orthodox Nazarerth Pediment
Image Credit: Samson Tours

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