Meaning of Capernaum

There are many variations to the modern spelling of Capernaum. The word Capernaum actually comes from two Hebrew words: kfar (???), meaning ’village’ and nahum (????), which is the personal name of Nahum, not necessarily the prophet, or may have the connotation of ’consolation’. The Semitic form of the name was used at least until the 1300s of the common era. The Jewish traveler Yitzhak Chelo in around 1333 wrote: "from Arbel we reached Kefar Nahum, which is the Kefar Nahum of our sages." However, by the 1500s the town is being called Tanhum, where "rabbi Tanhum is buried," (as referred to by Uri of Biel in 1537). The name was preserved by local Bedouins in Arabic as Talhum.

The Meaning of Capernaum
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