Excavations at Sephoris

  1. 1931. L. Waterman of the University of Michigan carries out the first excavations of the site.
  2. 1975. Ts. Tsuk of Tel Aviv University carries out a survey of the water system. They would uncover the reservoir between 1993 and 1994.
  3. 1983-2003. James Strange of University of South Florida. Excavated the theatre and the agora.
  4. 1985-1989 - Eric Meyers (Duke University), C. Meyers, Ehud Netzer (Hebrew University) led a joint team excavation that uncovered large portions of the theatre, the Dionysus House.
  5. 1990-1995 - Z. Weiss and Ehud Netzer led a joint team. Z. Weiss would continue after 1995 and uncover the synagogue, Nile House.
  6. 1993-2000 - Eric Meyers and C. Meyers

Image Credit: Samson Tours

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