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Seminars and Conferences in Israel with Samson Tours


If you are planning a Conference or Seminar in the Middle East (or really anywhere in the world), then we have some amazing solutions for you.

A big check for Samson Tours From A to Z. We can arrange anything and everything for your Seminar or Conference from arranging group airfares to booking hotels and special venues for your guests.
A big check for Samson Tours

Sit back and relax. We can list your Seminar or Conference on our website and our system can handle all of your payments and notifications to members. There’s no extra costs involved. You can set the maximum number of people you will allow at your Seminar or Conference, the add-ons you’d like to offer and more! All participants can pay securely (through SSL encryption) by credit card, money order or check OR even make payments to a Group Escrow Account, which YOU the tour leader can completely manage.

A big check for Samson Tours Services! We can arrange special catering, video and sound equipment and everything under the sun to ensure that your Seminar or Conference is just the way you want it...and we provide these services with very little markup, and in many cases at cost. Whenever possible, we'll hook you up with the direct supplier.
A big check for Samson Tours

Reports! The Leaders of the conference can always view in Real-Time the number of registrants, payments made and more from within their Leader's Account.

A big check for Samson Tours

Touring Before and After the Seminar or Conference. Of course, our specialty is touring and we'll create the best options and itineraries for your members to enjoy the sites and experiences of the country before and/or after the event. These tours can be built into the overall price or provided as Add-Ons from within each member's online account.


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