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Simcha Jacobovici

Kristy Christian

Dr. James Charlewsorth

Rabbi Ari Goldstein

Rev. Steve & Marlene Williams


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The Difference


If You'll Lead...We'll take care of the rest.


Lower Costs & Better Accuracy. No middle-man and clients enter their own information = less problems.


A to Z. Our website handles all of your group’s payments, rooming lists, passenger info, insurance and more.


No More Airfare Headaches. We’ll book your airfares at cost (no markup!) and we’ll even show you the contract.


Reports. You get a Tour Leader’s acccount from which you can monitor all of your group’s signups and payments.


Your trip is free. The main tour leader comes for FREE at no additional cost to the group. 


Secure & Flexible Payment Collection. Travelers can pay by credit card, money order, check or escrow.


 Patience. If needed, we'll reschedule your tour dates and transfer payments over to new dates without any hassles.

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