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Refer a friend to Samson Tours and start earning Points today towards a free trip to the Holy Land. Points are commissions paid to you in the form of virtual travel dollars and apply typically to land prices only. If you meet the criteria, they can also be paid to you in the form of a commission.

How to Earn Points

Points are Samson Tours way of thanking you for your referrals. Once you are a registered member, you can start earning Points by sharing your own personal coupon code with your friends.

It’s a Win-Win situation! Because not only do your friends save at least $25.00-$50.00 off ALL the land prices of our Group Tours or a minimum of 5% off their Day Tours & Private Tours, but you will earn Points which you can deduct from your final balance, put towards Add-Ons, or apply to future tours. 

Many of our Open Group Tours also allow you to earn commission Points of up to 5% of the total sale value for any friend you share your coupon code with. This means, if you refer 20 friends to join your tour, then you can travel absolutely free!

You can share your own custom coupon code via word-of-mouth or by simply copying/pasting your coupon link with your friends on all of your favorite social media websites or email.


How to Convert Your Points

If you have an outstanding balance for one of our tours, go to the Payments Tab for your tour in My Account and click on the "Convert your Points" button. You can also contact us and we’ll show you how you can apply them.

If you meet the criteria, you can even convert Points into a commission check that can be paid out to you or your favorite non-profit organization. Please contact us, if you are interested in registering for our Ambassador Program.


How to Get Started

If you are a member of Samson Tours already, simply LOG-IN to your account and look for the POINTS tab on the upper right hand corner of your My Account page.

If you simply want to share Samson Tours with your friends (even if you are not officially registered for a tour), please Sign-Up as a Member. You’ll automatically be issued Coupon Code and Referral Link upon registration.

If you intend to lead your own tour with us and earn a free trip through Points, then visit our Leaders’ Page or get right to it and Sign up as a Leader. When registering as a leader, you can also request a group quote on the spot.

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