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My Guide's License Number is: 8513.
I have a Ministry of Tourism Vehicle Driver's License.
I can guide in: English.

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Erez B'Galil

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My name is Erez Berkovitz and i am an English speaking (mother-tongue) guide that lives in a small agricultural moshav (village) on the Sea of Galilee. With a BA degree in Middle Eastern Studies i am guiding the land of Israel through a historical lens but also endeavor to paint a much wider picture giving an insiders account of life in the place that i was born in and live today, amongst the different communities of Galilee. I have all the energy of a young guide just reaching my mid-30's but all the experience of a guide that has worked with a wide spectrum of groups and tours throughout this land. Ofcourse i enjoy greatly showing the natural, historical and cultural worlds of my backyard in northern Israel, but having lived in Jerusalem for some years i feel just at home in the neighborhoods and walls of the Holy City. I invite both first-time and well-versed visitors to come and join me in the footsteps of history, on a land that has seen everything and everyone from Saladin to ancient prophets!! I have excellent inter-personal skills and enjoy immensely the profession that I have chosen - receiving and hosting each group with a great deal of commitment, knowledge and pride in the Land of Israel, achievements of the Jewish State and my own humble connection.

Please see my Biography/Guestbook for further references and details of my tour guiding background.

My Group Tours


HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE 2021 - $4290.00
April 30, 2021 - May 11, 2021
Led by: Rev Joe WendorphDr. Leon Bloder
Guided by: Erez Berkovitz

Join Pastors Joe Wendorph (Orlando, FL), Leon Bloder (Austin, TX) and Michael Killeen (Oceanside, CA) on this 10 day/9 night experience of Israel.

Departures from Orlando & Austin (Delta Airlines) and Los Angeles (United Airlines) on the best flight times to Israel.

We're proud to say that we have been able to keep the quality and pricing the same for all of our members.

Anyone Can Join!

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January 17, 2022 - January 26, 2022
Guided by: Erez Berkovitz

Welcome to our annual Pastors Familiarization Tour. This tour is officially open to all pastors, clergy, missionaries and evangelists who have never been to Israel.

The tour's cost is highly subsidized, and you may bring a spouse or assistant for a supplement above the cost. 

Best of all. The entire trip is free if you return with your own group within 3 years.

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