Hotel Ranking

Samson Tours has contracts with every hotel, B&B, country-lodging in Israel. As a proud member of the Israel Tour Operators Association, we have the same rates as any other major operating agency. The difference is, we do not pre-buy hotel space and force our leaders and clients into specific hotels. We work with our clients one-on-one to find the best quality at the most affordable price in the region your group needs.

Israel hotels have operated for years without a Star-Ranking Classification system. And even with the new classification system that is soon to take effect, these classifications are highly subjective.

You see, we actually site-inspect the hotels and sleep in them with our groups. We take into a variety of parameters that most other companies don’t take into consideration (noisy streets, neighbor’s dog barking, number of elevators, number of bellboys assigned to each group, etc.). The dynamics between choosing a hotel for a group are fare different than choosing a hotel for an FIT (Private or Family tour to Israel). For example, in our opinion a hotel cannot be listed as a 4-Star if it does not have a pool.

Moreover, specifically in Israel, the 4-Star ranking class is problematic. We see many tour agencies/operators that advertise a hotel or package deal in a 4-Star class. Many of these hotels would be considered by us as a High 3-Star to Low 4-Star hotels. The pricing difference between each class of 4-Star hotel (Low, Solid and High) can increase the cost of a tour package by $100-$200, depending on a travel period. The types of hotels are the most expensive cost concern of any travel package for the agent/operator—they are monumental in terms of the ‘overall experience’ of the traveler.

One last note about classification systems. A classification of a hotel is always in comparison to the other hotels of its own region. A Solid 4-star hotel in Israel is certainly not the same as a Solid 4-star hotel in the United States. For us, it’s the best way of monetizing a group and making sure that we get the best hotel experience possible for the best price possible.

Here’s how we classify the hotels that are listed on our site.

Name of Classification

Image of Classification

Low 3-Star


Solid 3-Star


High 3-Star


Low 4-Star


Solid 4-Star


High 4-Star


Low 5-Star


Solid 5-Star


High 5-Star