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Arranging a group airfare can really be a big pain in the tukus! That’s why we at Samson Tours try to alleviate you from this headache.

We can book group airfares for you with nearly every airline; however, for the best flight times to/from Israel, here’s the list of carriers we recommend:


Airline International Departure City
El Al Airlines JFK, Newark, Boston, Miami
Delta Airlines JFK
United Airlines Newark
American Airlines Philadelphia
Air Canada Toronto, Chicago


The Benefits of Booking Your Group Airfare with Samson:


A big check for Samson Tours Group Airfare at Cost. When you book land arrangements with us for any one of our tours, we will book your group airfares of 10 or more passengers from any major international airport at actual cost.
A big check for Samson Tours Total Transparency. As the tour leader, we’ll show you the actual airline contract!
A big check for Samson Tours Diversions? No problem. One of the biggest challenges of managing a group airfare is dealing with diversions from some of the group members. After all, others may want to join your group tour from other major cities. If one of the group members wishes to depart and/or return to a different city of origin, but are on the main group international flight, then we charge only a modest $50.00 Add-On update fee.
A big check for Samson Tours

We work with you. Our major concern is not to find the cheapest airfare on the market. We’re taking everything into consideration on your behalf to have the safest, most comfortable, and shortest flight time as possible. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your group.



The Benefits of Booking a Group Airfare (in General)


  1. Most carriers require only a $100.00 refundable deposit fee up to 3 months before the departure date. $200.00 for Peak Seasons. After then, you have to maintain a 80% utilization rate until the time of ticketing. This means you can still drop 20% of your seats and receive a refund or credit for the deposit up till the time of ticketing.
  2. Business Class seats can be held for a $200.00 deposit and are generally slightly cheaper with group airfares.
  3. Full Payment and Names List is not typically due until one month before departure.

1. Sign up as a Leader 

2. Get a Quote for a Group Airfare