Biblical Archaeology Tours


Attention: Our 2016 Naked Archaeologist Tour is now limited to only 35 passengers. Read More about this tour! 


Samson Tours specializes in Biblical Archaeology tours. The founder of Samson Tours, Eitan Chamberlin, has an M.A. Biblical Archaeology from Hebrew University and seeks to be the #1 Tour Agency and Tour Operator for these speciality tours.

We work with such scholars as Dr. James Charlesworth (Princeton University, Dead Sea Scrolls expert), Simcha Jacobovici ("the Naked Archaeologist"), Walter Zanger (from the History Channel), Danny 'the Digger' Herman (Archaeologist) and Dr. Eyal Meiron (City of David Expert, Yitzhak Ben Tzvi Institute), you're about to see why we set the standard for Biblical Archaeology Experiences.

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