About Us

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Samson Tours is both a USA tour agency and Israel-based tour operator, all rolled up into one. We specialize in unique Group Tours and Private Tours to Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey & Rome. For the independent and cruise traveler, we also provide a rich, ongoing assortment of Day Tours and Cruise Excursions in Israel.

We handle each tour from start to finish, from group recruiting and payment processing, to carrying out all aspects of the tour itself. Our unique way of doing business saves our travelers money (having no middle man), provides peace of mind (no mix-up on the paperwork) and streamlines the payment processing (clients can even pay by credit card in monthly installments).

We have developed the most advanced software system for group travel in the market. Our clients have the ability to sign up online, pick roommates, earn major discounts on their travel through our Points Referral Program and become tour leaders themselves whereby leading their way to free travel.

99% of the overall success of any tour is the result of a well-built itinerary and a flexible, licensed tour guide. At Samson Tours, we customize each itinerary to the client’s needs and hire only guides who have the experience, education and patience to provide you with the service you deserve for your tour.

If you need a doctor, we make sure you get one. If your digital camera charger blows-up because you did not use a 220 converter, we find a solution for you. You’re on vacation...a journey, rather, to the Holy Land. The rest is in our hands.

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Our Management Team

Eitan Chamberlin is the Founder & CEO of Samson Tours, Inc.. Eitan has a B.A. in Religious Studies from Trinity Western University (British Columbia, Canada) and a M.A. in Archaeology and Ancient Languages from Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel). He has excavated at four different archaeology sites in the land of Israel: Tel Hazor (Area A), Tel Rehov (Areas A & B), Nazareth Village and Kibbutz Revadim. In 2007, he completed the Israel Tour Guides course and has been guiding groups to the Holy Land ever since. Eitan is also the author of two novels, a screenplay and is part owner of BiblicalReproductions.com. Eitan lives in the Galilee with his wife, Shikma, and their two sons, Arbel & Nitai.

Roxene Chamberlin manages the US desk for all sales and customer queries. 

Hoor Japheth (Business Development manager) manages our Sales and Marketing teams.

Nathan Akimov is the head of R&D for all of Samson Tour's technological development.

NOTE: You can reach any of our staff via phone, email or via the Stops app! Go to stops.com or Download Stops for Android or iOS.