Synagogue Inscriptions at Sepphoris


a) Aramaic (the donors)

דכיר לטב  

יודן בר      

יצחק הכהן

ופריגירי ברתה

אמן אמן  

Remembered for good Yudan son of Isaac and Parigi his daughter Amen. Amen.

(דכיחר) לטב 

(  ) בר תרי

(בר) שאביה ובנוי

אמן אמן 

[Remembered for] good, […] son of Taddai, son of the captor(?) and his sons. Amen. Amen

דכירן לטב 

תנחום בר

יודן וסמקה

ונהרי בנוי



Remembered for good Tanhum son of Yudan and Samkah and Nehorai sons of Tanhum. Amen.

(דכיר לטב ר)אובן הליוי ובני ביתנה אמו 

[Remembered for good Reuve]n Ha-Levi and the members of his family. Amen.

דכרין לטב יוסה בר יודן בר זקה וחל(פ)יא בר

Remembered for good Yose son of Yudan son of Zaka and Halafya son….Amen.

(דכרין לטב) אגירה ........ובנוי אמן אמן 

[Remembered for good] Agira ….and his sons. Amen. 

(דכרין לטב) בר אנינה בר  

(.....)א ובנוי דעבד

 (הדן טבלה) אמן 

[Remembered for good …] son of Anina son of […..]a and his sons who made [this mosaic/panel] Amen.


Stretched across 3 panels in band 2, with Ark in center

Paregorios, also called [….and…] the sons of Alafeous and A[la]feous, son of Parego[rios and … made] the whole panel. A [blessing upon them.]

Across band 3, Temple items, ram left and washing bowl left

So[sibos son of Mil]chos.,.,.for the preservation of himself and of his children made [this panel], A blessing uipon them

Around the central Helios medallion

Be remembered [for good and for] blessing Judah the son of Monimos with his children who made this whole panel following a vow. A blessing upon them.

3 line inscription over the servants at the akedah panel, left side

Be remembered for good Boethos son of Emelius with his children. He made trhis panel. A blessing upon them. Amen.

Over right side, the akeda panel

Be remembered for good and for blessing the brothers Annianos and P[…and…] and […and] Sozomenos and … the principalis and … with his children. They made [this panel]. A blessing upon them.

Bottom strip, over Sarah looking out of the tent

Be remembered for good …the brothers…Paregorios and Uranos {and…] They made this panel.

Image Credit: Samson Tours

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