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I was born and raised near Boston. I made aliya to Israel at the age of 18 in 1971.

I reeceived a degree in International Relations of Middle East from Hebrew University, and wrote book Israel's Eastern Front: A Strategic Analysis (1978).

After regular service in IDF, I worked a number of jobs including the role as disciple Nethaniel/Bartholomew in the movie, His Last Days; as security-guard at Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book; and as an archaeological worker at the Albright Institute of Jerusalem and elsewhere.

I completed the Ministry of Tourism tour-guide course in early 1992. I subsequently worked for many organizations and institutions including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism Guide School, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Hebrew and Tel Aviv Universities, the Tower of David Museum, etc etc.

I have guided a variety of groups, large and small, of tourists and pilgrims, of professionals and dignitaries, of all ages and different faiths and denominations. I look forward to guiding you as well.

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