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Dov Schwarz is a Messianic Believer in Messiah Jesus and has been a pastor, radio host, author, and served in many other capacities in the body of Messiah. His love for Israel and the body of Messiah understanding how we should relate to Israel is a powerful motivation to build a bridge between the two and see great restoration between Israel and the Nations.

My Group Tours


October 04, 2017 - October 14, 2017
Led by: Dov Schwarz
Guided by: Aharon Levarko

Dov Schwarz

"There are many Israel tours, but few are during the Feast of Tabernacles as Israel is more crowded at that time—do you know why? It is the BEST and most CELEBRATORY time of the year to be in Israel! So, this pilgrimage includes so many things you would not experience on many tours to Israel and our itinerary also includes special times of worship and feasting with our Israeli Believing Brothers and Sisters in Messiah Yeshua!" - Dov Schwarz


Some of our Israeli Believing Messianic partners will be joining us at different points of the tour to share their insights, testimonies, and more!


Price Down Feature: The price of this tour drops by $315 per person, when the group reaches 20 or more paying passengers. Refer this tour to your friends. Members can choose to book their own airfare and save $1350 off the price.

This 9 day/8 night experience on land includes the Jerusalem March and the Ein Gedi Desert Celebration.

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